Hello, friend. Welcome to the first theatre of moving pictures Ā«Fetus CetusĀ». Here you can see my works filled with metaphors, bizarre characters and weird images. I hopeyou will be charmed by my theater or at least curious about it.


16 December 2016.
Tula Historical Architectural Museum delighted me with the beautiful exposition "Christmas" by Mikhail Aldashin. Artist's works are very warm and touching. The exhibition gives an opportunity to look into the world of professional animation, invisible to the eye of spectator.

4 November 2016.
Together with my brother, I attended the 10th annual Grand Festival of Animation, where I had a chance to make a small talk with the Oscar-winning Alexander Petrov. The legend of the Russian animation turn out to be a very friendly, sociable, and positive person. It was really nice to meet Alexander, since he is definetly not a constant guest at public events.

3 June 2016.
Visited the exhibition ‘Animator. Life behind the scenes’. Surprisingly for me, it was really good and left great impression! I wish the exhibition had been more numerous!

21 May 2016.
Another “Night at Museum” took place at the Tula Historical Architectural Museum. During the event, there was a thought provoking and inspiring workshopwith Igor Khilov, guru of puppet animation from‘Soyuzmultfilm’.


4 July 2015.
Together with my brother, I visited the magnificent creative director Yuriy Norshteyn(Hedgehog in the Fog (1975),Tale of tales (1979),etc.). I got a huge charge of positive energy. Meetings with such people give strength to move forward.

15 May 2014.
Meet-the-artist event with the fascinating creative director Ivan Maximov (Bolero (1992),Wind along the coast (2003),Long bridge of desired direction (2012),etc.). It was quite interesting and informative.


8 February 2013.
Meet-the-artist event with the wonderful illustrator Sergei Satchkov. He is a very friendly and open-minded person. It was a great chance to see a lot of previously unknown works which constitute an entire beautiful world.