Hello, friend. My name is Sergei Pleshkov, and I’m founding artistic director of the theatre of moving pictures «Fetus Cetus». I was born in 1977 in Tula (Russia), studied at Polenov’s Children's Art School, and graduated from Tula State University (special field – Graphic design).I worked as an illustrator in Priokskiy Publishing House, visual artist in a video game company, and now I’man art teacher at alma mater. Since 2009, I’m a member assotiation of designers of Russia.

The idea to create a kind of system which allows me to implement my ideas and convey them to the audience appeared a long time ago, but for a while I could not find an appropriate implementation medium. In the late 2013–early 2014, the idea to create an abstract studio is emerged. Since to organize a fully-featured animation studio was not possible for objective reasons, I contrived a new unit of the organization of the creative process – the theater of moving pictures. The idea was born easily and organically fitted into the scope of my opportunities.
I had a little left to do, just to find the name for the newly formed theater. But exactly on that stage I faced the greatest problems. Ideas were swarming in my head, striving to split it into pieces. Every new name was denied, as none reflects fully my vision of the theater. After long artistic quests, I found funny phrase in Latin which fully satisfied my requirements – fetus cetus. «Fetus Cetus» is the name easy to remember, metaphorical and even mysterious.
Parallel to the cherishing the idea of the new theater, I worked on the third (in fact, the fourth) piece of work, which was finished already under the name «Fetus Cetus», the Theater of Moving Pictures. The interconnection of the search for the new artistic form with the creative process, I believe, explains the very essence of my activity. Thus, the new artistic from, the theater of moving pictures, should help any beginner, not only me, to actualize her/his ideas and thoughts, breaking the conventions established in the modern artistic mediums.